Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global TV, one thumb up

I complained repeatedly about reporting inadequacies of Vancouver's Global TV News so, to be fair, I'll say well done for tonight's story reporting on West Vancouver School Superintendent Geoff Jopson. Strangely, the story is not carried on the Global BC website, at least on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

Global should continue to explore double dipping public sector executives and their expense accounts but go beyond soft targets in schools administration. The Province of BC and its myriad of crown corporations and agencies provide many candidates for review.

Mr. J. is apparently retired but working under contract as District #45 Superintendent at the annual rate of $156,938. This, despite West Van School Board also employing a Deputy and two Assistant Superintendents along with numerous executive assistants, managers, consultants, mentors and specialists in the district office.

Global asked Jopson about a recent trip to the southern U.S. where an intensive and vital educational conference allowed time for two golf sessions during its four days. However, we probably shouldn't be too cynical. It may make sense to invest thousands of dollars in further professional development for an apparently irreplaceable administrator.

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