Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't miss the parade

Laila Yuile's How many police officers does it take to get an Olympic torchbearer across the road.

If you read nothing else today, read this and watch the video.

Canada landed fewer troops at Juno Beach than were mustered here to protect the misshapen spliff. Reinforcements had to come from all over.

Will this armed battalion be on parade each step of the way? The entire 106 days, elbow to elbow, butt to butt, in a herd of 12-passenger vans? These may truly be the Green Olympics, green from motion sick.

We should be happy about something. VANOC and the Sicherheitspolizei prepared for almost all contingencies. They can defend against everything but mockery.
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  1. Hi Norman! Thanks for the link up- every view is worth much more in word of mouth and email! By the way, I have a new project started: 100 reasons NOT to vote for Gordon Campbell again.

    I would really love to see what you can add to the list! Always loving your work too Norman,I'm just horrible at commenting after spending a full day writing assignments and blogs, AND taking care of the children. Yours is one of the best researched and written blogs available to readers.

  2. Hi Norman,

    A lot of credit should go to Citizen Camera-man, Alastair Haythornthwaite of Victoria, who produced this wonderful video ...

    and to TERRACE DAILY ONLINE who passed the video to me, saying "distribute everywhere you can."

    If there's a Webster Award for YouTubers, I think this "The Torch and the Bomb Squad" should easily win. I especially loved the dog who barked a warning in the weird silence ... and the guy who said matter-of-factly that the malfunctioning Olympic Torch "looks like a dube that didn't light right."

    But laughter doesn't hide the fact that a quiet sunny street in North Cowichan played host to a shocking display of police-power ... motor-cycle cops, cycling cops, vans-full of cops in riot gear, a police paddy wagon ... and at the end, ("Holy SHIT! said the camera-man) no kidding, the Bomb Squad vehicle.

    It really looked like Gordo's personal response to his people. What else could it be? Even the dog knew.



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