Friday, October 30, 2009

Rod Mickleburgh says

Why is the government spending half a million untendered dollars to entertain select guests at the posh, private Terminal City Club during the 2010 Games?

Um … “If you look at the Olympic logo, it says ‘British Columbia, host province.' That logo says it all,” was Mr. Black's first response.

Then, the beat-about-the-bush minister said the money was needed to wine and dine (not his exact words) dignitaries, investors and “leading academics” from all over the world to generate “economic development.” Otherwise, he declared, taxes would dry up, and health care and education would suffer.

Why, those ungrateful teachers and ambulance drivers probably don't even realize that without all those tough, rigorous sessions at the Terminal City Club, they might not receive a paycheque at all.

Read FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER at the Globe and Mail.

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