Saturday, August 15, 2009

You should read someone else's work

I was thinking about writing a piece on how Taser International is using the courts in an effort to suppress the Braidwood Inquiry's report on conducted energy weapons. No doubt, it is important for them to claim defective bias and keep this issue unresolved as long as possible. I hope the court deals with it expeditiously and tosses their action immediately into the waste bucket, where it belongs. No doubt Taser's lawyers have pointed to numerous precedents in high courts of Canada that make their claim near impossible to support.

After reading this article at A Creative Revolution, anything I say would be superfluous.
Litigious International files against.....Braidwood

Another article by the same writer "Pale" is certainly worth reading too:
The SPIRITED origins of "excited delirium"

Smyth of The Province says BC voters have been sandbagged, again, "with plenty of post-election switcheroos..."
Summer of surprises leaves voters stunned
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  1. Norm,

    Thanks for staying on top of this very difficult and challenging story.

    I am reminded of the time two years ago and about four weeks after Mr. Dziekanski was killed that my family were going to the airport to complete the application process for our Nexus passes. My youngest daughter was reluctant to go and so I asked her for an explanation.

    Her response: "I am worried about getting tasered when I go there".

    If fear and mistrust of our policing agencies and law enforcement officers is what the RCMP want to establish then they have certainly accomplished that.

    The RCMP must be made accountable, the Braidwood commission must be listened to and not intimidated by profit driven enterprises who fail to comprehend the damage they are inflicting on our society.

    Let's hope our politicians and courts choose correctly with respect to responding to these matters.

    It is absolutely amazing to me that without the video of the bystander none of this would have come to light. The death of an innocent and frantic person was not in anyway justifiable. The cover up by the RCMP and the YVR is simply impossible to reconcile.

    Hopefully the truth will prevail.





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