Friday, August 21, 2009

The organization is intellectually bankrupt

If you care for wild fish, don't miss Brian Lewis of the Province writing about Alex Rose, author of Who Killed The Grand Banks?
"Regardless of those other contributors, for the past 25 years we have been decimating our B.C. salmon stocks, primarily by over-fishing," he says. "No single group is to blame because we've done this collectively -- we're all on the same hook."
Management of the West Coast salmon fishery by DFO is also a significant culprit, just as it was on the East Coast, in Rose's opinion:
"Sure there are some good and honourable people within DFO, but as a former employee I have to say the organization is intellectually bankrupt.

"Politics always takes priority over policy and the fish resource."
Rose explains that, often, when a DFO biologist recommends a closure, fishing groups lobby Ottawa politicians to block it.
"This is all about greed, because fish equals money," he says, "and none of us wants to admit that we're fishing our wild-salmon resource into extinction.
Alex Rose's book is available here:
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