Thursday, July 30, 2009

I wonder why

  • Two of us can fly on Air Canada tickets from Seattle to Paris, return, for $1,673 but if we fly Air Canada from Vancouver to Paris, return, we would pay $2,642, same days, same flight class, same intermediate stopover (Montreal) and same currency. After removing taxes, fees and surcharges, the passenger departing from Canada is required to pay 105% more by the same carrier.
  • Canon Canada wanted $286 to ship me a new battery and charger for a digital camera. I purchased the same items from a New York retailer for $128, including exchange, delivery, customs entry and taxes. The same Canon branded products cost 123% more in Canada.
  • Andrew Saxton, Conservative Party MP, mails a one page flyer throughout his North Vancouver riding that is merely an ad hominem attack on Michael Ignatieff. No policy discussion, no information for constituents, just a personal attack on a political rival. Of course, there is a response coupon marked "NO POSTAGE REQUIRED." What a waste of resources and an abuse of the parliamentary franking privilege.
  • The BC Liberals favor a regressive tax system that emphasizes tolls and flat rate levies as the preferred way of raising revenues for transportation. Why not use punitive gas taxes to encourage better fleet efficiency and raise revenues for transit. If the Liberals allow tolls on all bridges and a vehicle levy as desired by BC Transit, a person driving a Honda Insight rated at 72 mpg will pay the same as one driving a BMW M5 with its 500 HP engine delivering 13 mpg. Read the current story at the fine blog of Stephen Rees.
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