Friday, July 10, 2009

Canwest Global reaching new levels

Vancouver's Province newspaper began daily publication in 1898 and the Vancouver Sun in 1912. Both were folded into Pacific Press in 1957 although initially that was a production and distribution convenience and editorial elements of each paper remained autonomous. Ownership shifted a few times and by 2000, resided with the Asper Family's Canwest Global Communications empire.

Media critics such as former Sun editorial board member Charles Campbell often criticize the Vancouver operation. Campbell said the "culture at the Vancouver Sun is incredibly poisonous." Writing in Adbusters, Sean Condon said:
. . . once CanWest Global Communications got its hands on the Sun in 2000, it slashed funding, silenced writers and allowed an inexperienced, and strangely insecure, management to take control. The paper has never been as irrelevant or dysfunctional as it is today.

It appears that new ownership may be in control soon as Canwest Global struggles to avoid bankruptcy.
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