Thursday, June 11, 2009

SCBCTAPS make injury free arrest

After a chase in which speeds reached over 30 kph, South Coast BC transit police captured a suspect accused of illegally using the HOV lane of the Trans-Canada Highway.

On June 10, constables noticed a late model Mercedes suspiciously driving east bound on the freeway in a lane reserved for vehicles containing at least two people. They pulled the car over and detained two for questioning.

Further investigation led to ticketing of an Abbotsford man, arrest of a female suspect and seizure of a possible hijab. No guns or tasers were needed to make the arrest and no injuries were reported.

The picture above shows the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service demonstrating their new offender-friendly style of interaction. The prisoner had no immediate comment.
NOTE: I originally suggested that Transit Police had used Tasers on fare evaders. I removed that assertion and amended the final paragraph after a comment from Sgt. Tom Seaman of the Transit Police. Click to read.
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  1. Good Morning

    I am glad you enjoyed our policing lite story.

    We have not ever used a Taser on a person for not having a fare. I am surprised that you fell for that misinformation spread by sensationalist seeking media outlets..

    Sgt. Tom Seaman
    Transit Police

  2. I accept Sgt. Seaman's statement as correct. A better reading of reports at the time indicate that a fare evading passenger engaged in a physical struggle when challenged by transit police officers. That is what led to Taser deployment.

    Congratulations to the Transit Police for making our day a little brighter with this amusing story.



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