Monday, June 1, 2009

Authorities now on notice...

At the Braidwood Inquiry, the late Robert Dziekanski's mother is represented by Walter Kosteckyj of the Vancouver law firm Thompson Elliott. CBC says the lawyer is paid by the BC Government but not at his usual rate or for all hours spent on the case. Donald Rosenbloom acts for the Government of the Republic of Poland and Grace Pastine represents the BC Civil Liberties Association. They established a de facto alliance against those satisfied with the RCMP's initial response and the police investigation that absolved itself of negligence or misconduct.

As many as 20 lawyers lined up for the other sides, most publicly funded although the representatives of Taser International certainly were exceptions. Rosenbloom spoke recently at a fundraiser for Zofia Cisowski. He takes professional pride in the way the Braidwood Inquiry has unfolded. He believes it is already proved worthwhile.

He said, "The actual inquiry is an end in itself. I take great comfort in the fact that an inquiry has taken place. Irrespective of what Mr. Braidwood comes down with, in terms of his recommendations, in his report, the authorities in Canada - police authorities and others - have been put on notice that occasionally their conduct will be reviewed publicly and they will be accountable to the public for what they have done. And, that is an end in itself."
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