Monday, May 4, 2009

Mitch Benn - Stay Afraid lyrics

Stay afraid, stay afraid.
Think of all the weapons
The Iranians could have made.
And while you’re frettin’ over that,
You’d better not forget
The nuclear bombs that they might make,
But haven’t yet.
Live in fear, live in fear.
Fixate upon the terrible things
That could yet still appear
And fill your sleep with nightmares
And convince yourself we’re cursed.
And spend all day imagining the worst.
Cuz, if we drop our guard for just one second,
Armageddon will have beckoned
And we’ll all be blown to heck and back.
So watch your neighbours, watch the skies.
They’re terrorists, be terrorized.
And sit and dread the next surprise attack.
Stay afraid, stay afraid.
The news is good, the coast is clear.
But, hey, don’t you be swayed.
Just stress and worry
Over what the future might yet bring.
Cuz if we don’t have fear,
Then we don’t have a thing.
"Stay Afraid", "State of Emergency", "Happy Birthday War".
Mitch Benn - this English singer/comedian is a regular on BBC Radio4 "Now Show"

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